Writing Coach Program

Do you feel called to minister through the written word, but you’re afraid you don’t know what you’re doing? Maybe you’d like to write your testimony in the form of a spiritual memoir; or write a book of devotionals; or start a ministry blog; or maybe you even feel led to try your hand at writing fiction; but you’re not sure your skills are up to the task, or you don’t have the first clue where to start.

I can help.

I’m a freelance editor, writer and self-publishing assistant, and also the author of two novels and a number of short stories (and I’ve got two non-fiction books in the works). As your personal writing coach and mentor, I can hold your hand and guide you through the entire process, from identifying goals and the best path to accomplish them, identifying writing strengths and areas that need work, to planning, outlining and writing, to identifying the best path to publication and equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to get there.

“Jean is extremely professional in providing her services. She quickly grasps a comprehensive view of exactly what is needed for a project to flourish.

“Her vision was more than expected, no need on my part to push her to be better! I appreciated her concise communication regarding expectations and what would be delivered. I highly recommend!” –Micol Helen, author of Hope Over Fear

Here’s what’s included in the monthly program:

  • Up to one hour of in-person coaching, via phone or instant messenger: one 30-minute session at the beginning of the month to identify goals and one 30-minute mid-month session to check progress and identify roadblocks
  • My post-session recommendations in writing
  • A personalized weekly e-mail pep talk
  • A professional evaluation and critique of up to 3 pages (750 words) to provide detailed feedback and identify strengths and areas that need work
  • Up to one hour of e-mail exchanges to answer questions and provide direction, advice and encouragement
  • 10% off all editing, formatting and publishing services at Daydreamer Publishing
  • When it’s finished, you’ll also receive a complimentary digital copy of my upcoming book, Self-Publishing Checklist: Everything You Need to Know to Be Your Own Publisher (estimated release: spring of 2016)

We can work together on books (either fiction or non-fiction), articles, short stories, or even your blog.


The monthly program as described above is $299 per month. If you’d like to workshop your writing sample (i.e., I’ll provide additional rounds of feedback on your revisions until you’re happy with it), the cost is $399/month.

Alternatively, we can increase the word count to 1500 words (6 pages) for $499 per month for the basic package, or $599 for the workshop option.

Additional coaching sessions (including written recommendations), or stand-alone sessions are $39.99 per half-hour.

Additionally, I offer a full suite of manuscript critique and editing services, as well as professional book formatting, layout, cover design and other publishing services at Daydreamer Publishing.

I accept payments via Paypal, which accepts all major credit cards. Six-month, interest-free financing is also available via Paypal Credit for those who qualify.

Ready to get started? Use the form below to request your package (please specify which price category you’re interested in). I’ll contact you within 24 hours (allow up to 48 hours on weekends) with your first invoice and to schedule your first session!