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Link Roundup: Fall Minimalism Edition

Happy fall, y'all! This week has been a week. Not a terrible week, but not a great one, either. It started out great with a super-productive Monday, but on Monday night our refrigerator started making unhealthy noises and, sure enough, by Tuesday morning everything had begun to melt and thaw. So that was tons of… Continue reading Link Roundup: Fall Minimalism Edition

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The Essentials of Essentialism

Recently, I joined the launch teams for two upcoming books--one by Jess Connely and one by Holley Gerth. I will talk about each of those books in future posts--two different posts, because it wouldn't be fair to make them share--but today I want to talk about the fact that guys, I signed up to two… Continue reading The Essentials of Essentialism


Busy week. So have some links.

This is a hectic week. In addition to a full freelance workload, I've got to company-clean in preparation for entertaining my mom on Friday, and hormones and lack of sleep are making me scattered and bad at managing things. So in lieu of blog posts written by yours truly this week, here instead is some… Continue reading Busy week. So have some links.

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Free! Awesome! Fiction! Cornucopia!

I've got several short stories by awesome authors open in my browser, some of which have been sitting there for weeks waiting for George R. R. Martin to give me back my brain so I can make time to read other people's stuff for a change (yesterday I finally finished Storm of Swords and started… Continue reading Free! Awesome! Fiction! Cornucopia!