How a Rock Helped My Depression

I have a history of depression. There, I said it. Admitting this hasn't always been easy for me. In fact, for a long time I was in flat-out denial. I wasn't depressed, I was just tired, or stressed, or just dealing with a lot. Or it was hormones, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Or all of… Continue reading How a Rock Helped My Depression

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What I Learned This Summer

It's time for another post about what I learned this season! Which is good because I'm having an unexpectedly hectic week and otherwise I would've skipped posting this week. Which brings me to my first item: I don't have to operate on anyone else's schedule. This is something I finally figured out after allowing myself… Continue reading What I Learned This Summer

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The Essentials of Essentialism

Recently, I joined the launch teams for two upcoming books--one by Jess Connely and one by Holley Gerth. I will talk about each of those books in future posts--two different posts, because it wouldn't be fair to make them share--but today I want to talk about the fact that guys, I signed up to two… Continue reading The Essentials of Essentialism

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Sometimes the best way to move forward is to step back.

I'm back from my summer blog break and ready for a fresh start... and also kind of feeling like I forgot how to write a blog post. But before I talk about the fresh start, let me talk about the break. What did I do with six whole weeks of no blogging? Well, mainly I… Continue reading Sometimes the best way to move forward is to step back.


When You’re Ready to Throw In the Towel

  Note: I'm still doling out posts from the archives while I enjoy my summer break. This post originally appeared March 24, 2016. As I write this note and prepare to load this post into the publishing queue, it's the Monday following my latest book launch and this message is one I really needed today.… Continue reading When You’re Ready to Throw In the Towel