Publishing & Editorial Services

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Editing Services


Developmental Critique (I read your story and point out potential problems and advise you on ways to fix them) – $5 per 2,000 words


Copy Edit (I look at the writing line by line and suggest ways to make it better) – $15 per hour


Proofreading (I hunt down typos, formatting glitches, spelling errors and grammar faux pas and eradicate them from your manuscript. This should be the last edit you plan to do prior to publishing) – $15 per hour


Publishing Services


E-book formatting – Text Only (I properly format your book for e-readers and other electronic media, include a navigable table of contents and an embedded cover image, and compile both epub and mobi formats) – $50 for up to 300 pages


Books with Pictures – same as above/below but add $2.50 per photo. Note that this is for mostly text-based books with a few photos or graphics. I’m not really set up to handle children’s picture books, graphic novels or other heavily-illustrated works.


Paperback Interior Formatting – Basic (I’ll create a properly formatted PDF interior file that follows Chicago Manual of Style guidelines for book formatting. This option will use Garamond font for all typesetting and not include any flourishes, but it will look like a professionally-published book. See add-ons below if you want to get fancy.) – $50 for up to 300 pages (including front and back matter)


Paperback Add-ons – $5 each (per up to 300 pages)


  • Your choice of open source font from Google Web Fonts or
  • A second font face for chapter headings
  • Smallcaps typeface for first line of each chapter
  • Special symbol other than “***” for scene separators
  • Enlarged special font face for first letter of each chapter or scene
  • Additional interior design flourishes


Publishing & Distribution – $5 per e-book platform / $10 per POD publisher (you must have an existing account with each platform where you want me to publish for you)
Copy Writing (Book descriptions, author bios, press releases, promotional copy, etc.) – $10 per up to 100 words

For large projects, financing is available via Paypal and Bill Me Later.

Ready to get started? Send a 250-word sample to for evaluation and a free sample edit. Be sure to tell me which type of editing service you want, along with the word count of the piece you would like me to edit, whether it’s the entire manuscript or a small portion.

Still not sure? Take a moment to read what some of my clients had to say:

Client Testimonials

Awesome delivery, great feedback with everything from grammar to constructive criticism on the work as a whole (and fun to work with)!” -Christian Ahlin, Triniton the Prequel

Great job, with a difficult piece. Your suggestions were very helpful, and you caught things I never would have. Thanks very much, I’ll definitely send you my next chapter.” -Rick Demi, Coyote Midnight

I was nervous sending a completely unedited, first rough draft to be critiqued, but felt I needed an outside opinion to get me off on the right foot. I was not disappointed!! Ms. Bauhaus had a quick turnaround time while delivering outstanding notes and suggestions. Thank you so much!” -Hannah Jordan, The Vu 2