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Ode to October

An Ode to October


O month of months, in you I most delight.
No day of birth, nor remembrance day to mark,
Just that Eve of Saints, carved pumpkins set alight,
Costumed kids parading through the dark.
What fun! But not the only reason
October is blessed of all the seasons.

Autumnal sun warming days to perfection,
Chilled nights that coax to deepest slumber.
Cozy mornings breakfasting on pumpkin-spice confections,
With blankets, scarves and sweaters am I happily encumbered.
Reds and russets, orange and yellow hues,
Leaves turning, anticipating natures cues.

With a steaming mug and gladness in my heart
I welcome you, October, to this place.
Thirty-one days until you must depart
To make way for times of thankfulness and grace.
Winter, spring and summer I must bear
Till you make your way around again next year.


An Ode to October
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